Price List


Custom Cakes

Base price for custom cakes start at $4.50 per serving and increase per serving amount based on theme/design, diffculty of design and number of servings needed. Each cake is created on an individual basis so please email me for a quote. 

Cake Flavors

Standard Flavors: 

Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon, Red Velvet and Almond. 


Standard Filling Flavors: 

Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream, Strawberry Buttercream, Raspberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, White Chocolate Buttercream, Lemon Buttercream, Chocolate Chip Buttercream & Cream Cheese Buttercream 


Gourmet Filling Flavors (available for an additional charge):

Swiss Meringure Buttercream, Banana Cream, Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Raspberries, Oreos n Cream, Dark Chocolate, Mocha Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache, Lemon Curd, Caramel Chocolate Mousse, Fudge, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip & Chocolate Mint.


Gourmet Cake Flavors (available for an additional charge):

Amaretto Divine- Amaretto infused cake with chocolate Buttercream

Apple Pie- Vanilla cake layered with apple pie filling and cheesecake

Banana Split ~ Layers of banana, cherry, & chocolate cakes filled with chocolate fudge & banana crème

Berry Overload- White cake filled layered with triple berry mouse (blueberries, strawberries and blackberries)

Boston Cream Pie ~ Butter cake filled with vanilla crème & chocolate ganache

Butter Pecan-Layers of butter pecan flavored cake with vanilla buttercream, caramel and candied pecans.

Butterscotch Rum- Rich layers of butterscotch flavored cake with flavored in rum with dark rum buttercream

Caramel Banana Cake- Banana based cake layered with banana filling swirled with caramel sauce

Chai Spice- All the flavor of chai tea infused in a cake layered with cardammon infused Buttercream

Chocolate Caramel- Chocolate cake filled with chocolate Buttercream and caramel


Chocolate Malted- Chocolate cake layered with malt Buttercream and chocolate ganache

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry ~ Layers of strawberry and chocolate cakes with a fudge filling

Chocolate Orange- layers of chocolate orange cake with orange swiss meringue buttercream

Chunky Monkey- Layers of banana and peanut butter cakes with layers of chocolate fudge, banana cheesecake and peanut butter mousse

Citrus Twist- Swirls of orange and lemon cake filled with orange cheesecake filling and lemon mousse

Crème Brulee -Caramel cake filled with caramel and white chocolate ganache

Dark Chocolate- Raspberry cake filled with chocolate fudge and raspberry puree

Hummingbird- Cinnamon based cake with pineapples, bananas and pecans

Key Lime Pie- Key Lime cake filled with key lime curd and cheesecake and graham cracker crumbs

Neapolitan- Layers of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cakes filled with chocolate and strawberry cheesecake filling

Orange Dreamsicle - The flavor of Dreamsicle ice cream in a cake layered with vanilla Buttercream

Peaches-n-Cream- White cake infused with peach layered with white chocolate truffle and peach fruit filling

Peanut Butter Fudge- Layers of chocolate and peanut butter cake filled with chocolate fudge and Reese’s Buttercream filling

Pumpkin Spice- Pumpkin infused cake filled with cinnamon cream cheese filling

Rootbeer Float- Root beer cake swirled with vanilla and filled with root beer Buttercream and root beer glaze

S’more- Graham cracker cake filled with layers of chocolate ganache and marshmallow buttercream

Snickerdoodle- Cinnamon based cake with cinnamon chips filled with cinnamon flavored buttercream

Strawberry Fields ~ Moist strawberry cake filled with strawberry cheesecake & strawberry puree

Strawberry Lemonade- Strawberry and Lemon cakes swirled together and filled with strawberry cheesecake and lemon filling

Tiramisu ~ Espresso infused butter cake with mascarpone-Kahlua filling, over a spread of chocolate ganache.

Triple Chocolate Fudge- Mixture of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and chocolate fudge with milk chocolate chip

Tropical Breeze- Cake infused with bananas, pineapples and coconut filled with pineapple buttercream

White Chocolate Raspberry- Raspberry cake filled with white chocolate ganache and raspberry puree


$30.00 per dozen no decoration 
$35.00 per dozen flat fondant decoration

                Standard flavors are vanilla bean, chocolate, red velvet and lemon.


Banana Pudding- vanilla cake with a Nilla wafer bottom and filled with banana pudding filling. Topped with vanilla swiss meringure buttercream and a Nilla wafer.


Blueberry Pie- vanilla cake baked with blueberries,  topped with blueberry buttercream, graham cracker pie crust and a fresh blueberry.


Birthday Cake-Vanilla funfetti cake topped with vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles and a cherry. 


Carrot Cake- moist carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream and rolled in crushed walnuts and topped with a fondant carrot. 


Choco-tella- chocolate cake infused with Nutella. Topped with Nutella buttercream and rolled in mini chocolate chips. 


Cookies N Cream- vanilla cake baked with Oreo pieces with vanilla buttercream and rolled in Oreo pieces 


Death by Chocolate- chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. Frosted with chocolate buttercream and rolled in mini chocolate chips. 


French Toast N Bacon- vanilla cake infused with cinnamon and nutmeg. Frosted with maple buttercream and topped with bacon. 


Key Lime Pie- key lime flavored cake filled with a lime curd. Frosted with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream, rolled in gragham cracker crust and topped with a lime wedge.


Neopolitan- 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla cake topped with strawberry buttercream. 


Orange Dreamsicle- orange flavored cake filled with whipped filling and topped with orange buttercream and a candied orange. 


Peach Cobbler- vanilla cake baked with spiced peach pieces. Topped vanilla buttercream and crushed graham cracker crust and a peach slice.


Peanut Butter & Jelly- vanilla cake filled with grape jelly and frosted with peanut butter mousse, a dollop of jelly and mini Nutter Butter cookie


Reese Cup- chocolate cake filled with peanut butter mousse filling. Frosted chocolate buttercream and a mini Reese cup. 


Southern Pecan- butter pecan flavored cake topped with vanilla buttercream and rolled in crushed pecans. 


Spiced Up- a vanilla spiced cake frosted with a cardamon swiss meringue buttercream and sprinkled with cinnammon sugar. 


Thin Mint- chocolate cake infused with creme de menthe. Frosted with green creme de menthe buttercream, rolled in mini chocolate chips and topped with a thin mint. 

Boozy Cupcakes-$45.00 per dozen. 

Apple Martini- Apple spice cake infused with apple mariniti and topped with apple martini buttercream 


Lemon Drop- lemon cake infused with limoncello liquer and brushed with Absolut vanilla. Frosted with mascarpone limoncello buttercream and topped with lemon drop candies.


Mango Margarita- mango cake infused with mango margarita and filled with mango filling and brushed with triple sec. Topped with mango margarita buttercream


Mighty Mojito- lime and mint cake infused with white rum brushed with rum and a lime zest syrup and frosted with a lime buttercream and topped with mint 


Mudslide-chocolate cake brushed with Irish Whiskey filled with Bailey's Irish Cream and topped with Bailey's irish Cream and Khalua buttercream with chocolate sprinkles. 


Pina Colada- coconut cake infused with dark rum and frosted with a coconut rum buttercream and topped with shredded coconut.  


Strawberry Daiquiri-straawberry cake infused with jamaican rum and lime zest filled with a strawberry rum whipped cream and frosted with strawberry daiquiri buttercream and pink sprinkles.